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More items are added so keep checking my website. If you're looking for a special item, please let me know. I will be happy to help you out!! Free Worldwide insured shipping!!

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Roland SBX-80: € 225,- SOLD

Offered here is the Roland SBX-80 sync box. The unit is very good condition. It has a few marks here and there but overall it's looking great.

The sync box has been thoroughly cleaned and all analogue in/outputs and important connections are treated with Deoxit Gold for better contact. Also a repair has been done to the battery compartment, the holder of the two batteries was broken so I fixed it. I also placednew 1,5 V (UM-3) batteries that are needed for the battery backup. After the repair I tested the unit and all functions work 100%.

The power is now set to 117 V but it can be set to the particular region you're living in. The original Roland power cable that is included is suited for use in the US, so an adapter to put on the power plug is needed to use the cable in the EU.

Roland SBX-80 total view.

Yamaha REX-50: € 115,-

Offered here is the Yamaha REX50 Digital Multi Effector. This curious looking and very flexible digital effect processor was produced in the late eighties The unit is in excellent condition. Thanks to its first and last careful owner this REX-50 looks excellent!!

The unit was cleaned and the in/outputs were treated with Deoxit gold for better contact. The unit was completely and all functions work 100%. I hooked it on the Jupiter 4, that I also offer, and it sounded amazing. It has a whole range of (combined) stereo effects that can be altered, and stored. Some examples are reverb(s), distortion, chorus, flanger, delay, echo, pitch, phasing, symphonic,.. It also has a LCD numeric display, 30 rom memory and 60 ram memory, midi in, two stereo in/out, and you can control it by pressing buttons or by midi. The effects can also be bypassed by a pedal.

It works on 220 V. The original manual is included.

Yamaha REX-50 total view.

Yamaha REX-50 back view.

Yamaha MSS1 Midi Synchronizer: € 225,-

The Yamaha MSS1 does the same as the Korg KMS-30 but functionally, it is much more elaborate.

This midi sync machine is in mint condition!! It looks like it has been used only a few times. Like always, all system funtions were tested and everything works perfect.

Because the unit has collected some dust throughout the years I cleaned the unit, and treated the external contacts with Deoxit Gold for good contact.

The original Yamaha manual is included. The MSS1 works on 120 V, 15 W, 60 Hz, so and adapter is needed to use the MSS1 in the EU. The memory can be extended with the right Yamaha Data RAM card.

Yamaha MSS1 total view.

Yamaha MSS1 Midi Synchronizer: € 189,-

This is another Yamaha MSS1 available for sale. Cosmetically it is not as nice as the one in this offer but all functions work perfect!!!

Yamaha MSS1 total view.

Midiman Midi Sync Plus: € 49,- SOLD

This unit is in great condition. It has some minor wear but overall it looks great. The unit has been tested and cleaned and everything works 100%. The original adapter is included but works on 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 5 W, so an adapter is needed to use it in the EU.

Midiman total view.

Roland R8 Drum Machine
Including 9 rom cards € 475,- SOLD

This incredible drum machine is in superb condition. It is bought from the first owner who only used it in a smoke free studio. The unit is completely cleaned, all contacts are treated with Deoxit Gold for better contact. The unit is tested and all functions work 100%. The adapter is EU style but it can be used in any country. (if needed I also have the power supply for use in the US). The adapter adjusts itself to the power input of the particular country. According to the country you are living in, an adapter to put on the power plug is needed. The original English owners manual is included.

To make this drum machine more complete nine original Roland R8 soundcards are included. The cards that are included are:

  • SN-R8-01 Contemporary percussion
  • SN-R8-02 Jazz Brush
  • SN-R8-03 Sound Effects
  • SN-R8-04 Electronic (808)
  • SN-R8-05 Jazz
  • SN-R8-07 Mallet
  • SN-R8-09 Power drums USA
  • SN-R8-10 Dance (909)
  • SN-R8-11 Metallic Percussion

Roland R8 total view.


This midi controller is in excellent condition. EMU especially produced these especially to facilitate midi control for the EMU rack synths.

Cosmetically it lookes like new, only on the undersite there are some minor scratches. The unit has been completely cleaned and the most important contacts and the faders have been treated with Deoxit gold.

The unit is tested and all functions work 100%. The original EMU power adapter is included which works on 220V, so an adapter is needed when using a different power input.

Emu Launchpad total view.



For sale here is the Dynacord P20 drum computer/drum-to-midi converter. As you can see, cosmetically, it is in excellent condition! The front panel only has a few tiny marks but overall it looks almost unused. On the top panel and on the back, where the in/outputs and midi are, there are the scratches you expect. Mechanically the drum module is also in excellent condition. All functions are tested and work 100%. Furthermore the unit is thoroughly cleaned and all contacts, in/outputs are treated with deoxit gold for good contact.

The sounds are typical eighties. Perfect for electro (pop)

Some specs:

  • Delay effects
  • Headphone out
  • Operating voltage 220/110 VAC
  • Five sound cards (natural, electronic sounds)
  • Eight outputs
  • Remote pad (input for remote pad control)
  • Memory capacity
  • Six trigger inputs
  • Dynamic, pitch, chord effects
  • Midi in/out/thru (drum to midi converting)
  • CD-rom with the service- and owners manual(in English, French and German).
  • Powercable

Dynacord P20 total view.

More items will be added soon! Also check my offers in my webshop!!


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