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For Sale: Garfield Electronics Dr. Click 2 - Excellent Condition/ Serviced!!


Offered for sale here is the Garfield Electronics Dr. Click 2. This unit is used to sync and trigger your analogue synthesizers and drum machines. The Dr. Click 2 is in excellent mechanical condition. The Dr. Click2 has been checked by Marc Marc. He measued all inputs and outputs and except the 24 ppq, all worked fine. He did a recap on the 24 ppq clock output which, after measurement, was functioning perfectly again.

The Dr. Click 2 is an amazing machine. Not only can the Dr. Click2 sync analogue units by analogue in/outputs (12, 24, 48, 96, 64, 384 ppq clock out), the Dr. Click2 also has midi in/out, Roland sync and Korg sync. Further it has a pulse input, trigger output, and click out to trigger arpeggiators and analogue sequencers. The signals can be changed by using the gain, mask, threshold, fine functions. Besids these functions, it has a play, step, memory, record, and reset function.

Cosmetically the Dr Click2 is in excellent condition. There is some light damage to the rackears, and on top of the case are some light scratches, but further this sync unit looks excellent. It works on 115 and 230 V. It has an american style power plug so an adapter is needed to be able to fit it in a EU power contact. The original manual is included!!











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