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For Sale: Garfield Electronics Minidoc - Mint Condition!!


Offered for sale is the Garfield Electronics Mini Doc. This analogue sync machine is used to sync drum machines, synthesizers, arpeggiators, sequencers,.... The Minidoc is checked, cleaned, treated and it is excellent condition. All functions work 100%. The inside is cleaned and the in/outputs have been cleaned and treated with deoxit gold. The minidoc has four 6.3 mm jack inputs with different clock signals (12,24,48,96 ppq), and eight outputs (12, 24, 48, 96, 64, 384 ppq) The minidoc also has two other outputs named are Channel One and Channel Two. These two clock signal outputs that can be altered with an invert function, and time function. The Mini Doc works on 115 V so an adapter is needed for use in the EU. There is no manual available but this is a very intuitive sync machine, within a few minutes you know how it works.












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